Thursday, May 26, 2011

What's Good: Lou's Food Bar

I talk a lot about food in this space, but really...why not, right? We need food, we enjoy food, and some of the most memorable moments with others, or even in general, involve food (e.g., The Last Supper, Michael Corleone's dinner with Mark McCluskey). Denver is rife with good places to grab a bite, as well as various (and different) neighborhoods to visit for said bite. That, to me, is what Lou's Food Bar is all about.

Lou's is up on the 1800 block of 38th Avenue, and it fits that exact neighborhood well. I don't claim to be a history buff, but that area of Denver is the only one with former mob ties. A little gritty, a little funky, a little hipster, and pretty damn cool. Copy and paste those comments for Lou's.

Case in point, their website reads: "Sausage. Cheese. Big Salads. Fried chicken. Pie." Ummm, yes please.

I've only really had the chance to sample some cured meats and cheeses, a couple beers and a desert via cruiser bike on a Sunday afternoon, but it was apparent that this is a place I like. Food that someone put some thought into, but has some comfort. Nothing flashy, but definitely tasty. The atmosphere is relaxed, but is still a good place to show off to your co-workers. And the happy hour (3:00-6:00, daily) helps keep the bank account afloat. More than anything, I like a place that has a fun atmosphere, serves good food, isn't pretentious, and has a sweet patio with cool lights for a summer night in Denver. I'll be back to try more, but the first impression was "I like hanging out with that person."

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  1. I pass by this place almost every single day and was wondering what it was all about! Can't wait to show your review to Mike and check it out on our cruisers soon. Thanks!