Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The Endorsement: "I Hope Your Day Gets Better"

Someone once told me about the long-lasting impact negative encounters can have on people. You cut someone off accidentally and they yell at you, you have a bad encounter at work, whatever. It sticks with you, you retell the story and your blood pressure goes back up, etc. Well, I'm done with negativity.

While walking my dog the other day, I saw a biker get into it with a pedestrian. The biker was miffed and thought that he was "cut off" by the ped. The ped clearly meant no harm and as the biker was yelling choice words at the pedestrian while he pedaled off, the pedestrian politely yelled back:

"I hope your day gets better!"

Brilliant. Typically the yelling leads to more yelling and increased anger...and for whatever reason people gravitate toward the negative. But in six simple words this guy managed to make the biker feel bad for being so angry, actually said something nice in return, and didn't perpetuate the negativity. Far too often we're impatient, angry, wanting to pass blame, or just generally in a bad mood (myself included). My new goal is to never be negative again. Life's not that bad, in fact, its pretty short and sweet. I choose to enjoy it more.

Along those lines, I hope your day gets better!

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  1. I love this ~ all it takes is one person to pull a smile and laugh out of someone who is having a down day, and then it just spreads. I admire your choice and will do my best to join you!