Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The Endorsement: Steve Jobs

People die every day. No one can avoid it, and who can say that one person is more important than another. Can anyone actually say that a president is more important than a father who worked his life away in a coal mine to provide a better life for his family?

That said, I do think we can learn from high profile people as we reflect on their lives. Steve Jobs created amazing things for the human race. Then he took those things and reinvented them by making them understandable and attractive to the masses. He pushed limits. He pushed his employees to create new ideas, and then make those ideas attractive and understandable. He paid amazing attention to detail. And on top of it all he was an iconic showman. He died way too young...there’s a lot we can learn from a guy like Steve Jobs. Carpe diem, people.

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