Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Do Something: Coors Field

Warmer temperatures mean one thing for me: baseball season. There's absolutely nothing like getting off work during the summer; walking across the street (okay, so I have that luxury) to The Sports Column, The Tavern Downtown, LoDo's or Brother's (or even the sneaky-fun and cheap Swanky's - drink specials during the Middle of the 3rd); finding a table on a rooftop for a couple of pre-game Yellow Bellies, and then catching a Rockies game in your flip flops and short sleeves.

Sure, its easy to scalp a few tickets just about any day of the week in Denver, but this is my endorsement for looking into ticket packages: You'll end up going to more games - probably with a group of people you like, that group of people will all start to become really familiar with the team and stats in general - making for great conversation and trivia opportunities (name the 2 current MLB players have more than 100 RBIs for 10 years straight), and you'll find yourself really looking forward to the games rather than just deciding to scalp on a whim. Four friends and I went with a 20 game package this year that includes the Cubs, Cards, Braves, Sox and the fireworks games. Oh, and we get Playoff rights for the tickets. Yes, its early and I am genuinely optimistic. That's what makes April 1st so great. Go Rox!

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