Wednesday, March 23, 2011

What's Good: Snooze

Living and working in downtown Denver, a lot of my mentions here about the "finer" things in life will involve local businesses in the LoDo 'hood. When a cruiser bike and the Denver B-Cycles tend to be my main form of transportation these days, I probably shouldn't expect more. The great part is, there's always something to check out in downtown D'town.

For example, my favorite standby, Snooze. If you're familiar with Denver at all, you obviously know about the breakfast joint. But for anyone who hasn't spent much time in Denver its a can't miss. From Juan's Breakfast Tacos to the under-appreciated "scramble" (I take mine with spinach, feta and bacon, please) - and obviously the pancakes - its like breakfast had an affair with your dreams and this is the love child. The staff rocks, which is a reflection of our good friends Jon and Adam who created Snooze back in 2006. Soon to have three Denver locations (and rumor has it, more on the way), check out the ballpark Snooze at Park Ave. and Larimer for their upcoming 5th anniversary (April 6). Never disappointing. Thank you, Snooze, for making my favorite meal of the day even more amazing.

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