Tuesday, March 29, 2011

What's Good: Prost (Frisco, CO)

One more plug from my time in Summit County this winter, mainly because any place that lists "Fine Beer and Sausages" as its main selling points automatically makes the short list in my book. Prost is located on Main Street in Frisco, across the street from the Butterhorn (which is also worth your time for breakfast, cookies or all things baked) and sells pretty much what it advertises - beer and sausage.

From "exotic" buffalo and jalepeno sausages to the every day "spicy Italian" the selection of meats won't disappoint, complete with about eight different types of mustard and the surprisingly tasty German cucumber and potato salads as side dishes. And then, there's the beer. Pretty sure there's not a better selection of Bavarian beers in the mountains - try the McChouffe and make friends with the Belgian gnome. Sprechen sie delicious...

Huge props to the Prost staff as well. From helpful beer suggestions to speedy service to quickly turning it to the NCAA tournament game of our choice (Go Butler!)...your server is also your cashier and your cook. They're really good at multi-tasking and seem generally happy to be there. But then, if I were schlepping beer and sausages, I'd be pretty happy too. Prost!

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  1. I am searching for that Belgian gnome right now b/c he makes amazing beer! My brother would be proud ; )