Saturday, March 26, 2011

What's Good: The Boat Yard, Frisco, CO

I spent a lot of time in Frisco this winter (which actually deserves its own post in the coming weeks) and the town is amazingly underrated for a place to hang in the mountains. Lots of solid restaurants, and not the types that are named "The X Zone" or "The Lift" or other names aimed at our out-of-state visitors - we're talking names like The Butterhorn, Moose Jaw and The Boat Yard.

Full disclosure - I haven't actually had more than two menu items from The Boat Yard, but it still deserves applause. A nice dining room on one side and a bar that meets all of the major criteria for a recommended watering hole on the other. Good selection of booze? Check. Multiple TVs and good food options? Check. Happy hour and other specials? Yes. Bartenders who have spent a little too much time on the mountain, have mustaches and are sarcastic but not rude? Check.

Grab a table at The Boat Yard during NFL/college football season or March Madness between 4-6pm for the happy hour specials and stay for the rock shrimp pizza. That was my order the first time I visited and I haven't gotten anything else in a half dozen visits since. Fresh roma tomatoes, basil, mozzarella, ricotta, pesto and delicious shrimp - with a crispy crust that perfectly contrasts the soft cheese and pesto. Honestly, I need to order something else at some point, but going to The Boat Yard and not getting rock shrimp pizza is like going to Vail and not skiing. If you're in Summit County and want to avoid the 20-something bars and tourist pizza joints, stop by the Boat Yard. You won't be disappointed.

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